How The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Can Affect Your Business

How The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Can Affect Your Business

There’s a global chatter about the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) to be specific. For good reason. It’s causing a panic among business owners as their businesses are impacted by the many precautions that the government is taking to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

Here in our home state of Indiana – our governor has completely done away with dine-in eating.

If you want fast food it’ll have to be through the drive through or ordered to go. Which is understandable to a degree – however the impact this has had on restaurants without a dine-out option are struggling to keep above the water…

Coronavirus - COVID-19 - COVID19

Many businesses that rely on in-person, face to face meetings with their customers / clients are on the cusps of closing their doors until this passes (or worse…) closing their doors for good. Because it’s very difficult to bounce back from something beyond any of our control.

To make matters worse – most of the businesses struggling to keep things together share one thing in common with the rest…

Over-Optimistic & Under-Prepared

If you’re currently in the situation of ‘if this virus doesn’t pass soon – I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep my business going’ when it comes to the COVID-19 virus – I have a thought exercise that may help shed some light on why that may be.

Have you ever gotten an email or message on Facebook saying that you should optimize your website? I know we have – telling us that our website is the hub for all things BrandBlast and that it needed to be optimized to prepare for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc… as they tighten their grips on how many people your business can reach from each respective platform.

Coronavirus - COVID-19 - COVID19

The Coronavirus hysteria that we currently find ourselves in can be viewed as the same sort of thing (obviously not to brush off the severity of the situation) – but from a business standpoint.

The precautions that many places are taking to prevent the spread is having the SAME IMPACT that Facebook limiting the number of page fans your business’s Facebook page can reach has had. It’s just another thing that we cannot control but still have to deal with. Very similar to this COVID-19 situation.

It’s beyond our control – but we’re still left trying to find a way to keep our businesses afloat.

How to Take Action

In all seriousness, the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) virus is a very serious situation. We can’t stress this enough – we are anxiously waiting for the situation to resolve so that people can get back out there and live their lives – do their business etc…

But as business owners – we need to take responsibility for the way that our businesses conduct themselves throughout the course of this situation. We need to be better prepared for servicing our clients and customers in this environment. But we also need to prepare our businesses to attract new business through platforms that we control.


You never know how long this situation is going to go on for – nor do we know the full extent of how this situation will impact our businesses. Much less the global economy…

Don’t panic – be cautious and get your business back to the top even in times of panic and confusion.

Here’s the official CDC page regarding the Coronavirus (or COVID-19)

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