Ecommerce Web Design Company – 5 Critical Elements Every Firm Should Use for Optimal Search Engine

As the internet grows by leaps and bounds, ecommerce is also rapidly evolving. To stay on top of the trends in online sales, it is essential that your business have a team of marketing professionals standing behind you. With many companies offering freelance services, there is no reason to pay for an on-staff employee to monitor your online presence. An ecommerce web design company can create your site, provide maintenance services and upgrade features as needed.

Regardless of whether you choose to complete your web design in-house or through a contracted firm, there are five critical elements that are found in every successful website. They are:

Search Engine Optimized: Known as SEO, creating a well-optimized website can be complex. In the past, unscrupulous designs and marketers engaged in keyword stuffing. They filled a page with certain words or hid keywords in the page code to encourage higher rankings. Led by Google, search engines are more discerning now. Websites that are caught trying to manipulate search results are eliminated from the rankings completely. Using an experienced ecommerce consultant is vital to creating an SEO site that improves rankings while remaining within the search engine guidelines.

Content-Rich Copy: Even retail websites should be about more than just selling. They need to provide customers value so they will return again and again. This is why Amazon is often the first stop for individuals researching books and music. They know they will find comprehensive reviews and other product details. And Amazon knows that visitors who stop by – even just for research – often lead to a sale.

Email Opt-In: Along with attracting customers with content-rich copy, you also want to have a means to continue a business relationship with them. Your ecommerce web design company can create an email capture box where visitors can consent to receiving future communications from you. Then, even if they didn’t purchase from you during their first visit, you can continue to market to then. Depending on your target demographic, you may offer free bonus reports, newsletter updates or coupons as an incentive for people to opt-in.

Easy Navigation: Websites that are overwhelmed with busy graphics or large chunks of text are likely to chase visitors away. Use a streamlined design with a prominent navigation bar to make your website user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. The right web copy will draw visitors into the website to explore its features and stay longer. The longer a potential customer stays on your site, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Let Customers Contact You: Have your contact information easily accessible on the site. Not only will this allow visitors to reach you with questions and concerns, it also increases customer comfort. Vague or generic websites make shoppers nervous. You don’t want to look like you are going to take the money and run. The consumer wants to know they can reach you if the need to. Have your ecommerce web design company list your toll-free number prominently on the home page and make your physical and email addresses easy to find.

With so many retailers competing for customer dollars on the web today, you can’t afford to be dragged down by an unprofessional and unfriendly site. Look for professional ecommerce specialists who can help you transform your website to a shopping mecca.

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