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Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services
Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

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What is Seo?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website rank higher on the search engines for the keywords that matter most to your business. 

It involves a lot of technical aspects but the practice is rooted in more than just technical know-how…

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

With the right plan and process in place – you can have your website ranking higher for search terms that your customers are already searching for online. From coffee shops to aerospace – search engine optimization is a common thread in the way smart businesses are operating today.

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

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Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. Our simplified (but powerful) search engine optimization services are result-driven. 

Guaranteed to get results.

how is seo useful?

Have you tried to run an advertising campaign for your business only to quickly realize that advertising can get expensive? 

Perhaps you didn’t get the results you hoped for or the results that you did get were at a cost your business couldn’t possibly afford to pay month after month…

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

You’re not the only one who has had this experience. In fact, the vast majority of businesses who master search engine optimization (SEO) never go back to using solely paid ad campaigns.

Think of how much money that could save your business.

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why is seo important?

There are more than enough reasons to take SEO seriously. But it still begs the question… “Why is SEO so important?”

It’s just a search engine, right?

CINCINNATI SEO - BrandBlast Cincinnati SEO Services

Yes and No… it’s a little more complex than chalking the whole process up to optimizing our websites so the search engines like us.

Search engine optimization is NOT an exact science and takes quite a bit of time to fully get the hang of. Moreover, even the sharpest – most seasoned SEO veterans need to stay on their toes.

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

getting in the know:
On page seo

A critical element of search engine optimization is understanding On-Page SEO. This is a simplistic term that refers to any efforts made on your actual website’s page(s). 

These aren’t links from other websites or mentions on social media. 

On-Page SEO is based on optimizing your content, links, images and media. Not to mention the performance side of your website. (Yes, page speed impacts your search engine rankings)

where seo fits in

Is search engine optimization the one thing that your business is missing? 

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

Just because you don’t think it applies to you – doesn’t mean your customers feel the same way. 

In fact, most businesses that aren’t leveraging SEO to drive organic, targeted traffic are missing out on over 90% of the market. Because the other 90% of every major industry is utilizing search engine optimization at some capacity.

understanding the buyer's journey

There are a few stages that a potential customer goes through when it comes to making a purchase-decision. 

SEO can help ease this journey by giving the visitor clearer information, more accessible resources and above all else – an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

keyword research

One of the first steps you need to take when tackling your website’s SEO is the keywords you want to rank for. These could be based around your products / services – location or business name. 

(It’s always a good idea to start on a blank sheet of paper or a blank document on your computer – list out the keywords that immediately come to you)

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

There are hundreds of free and paid keyword research tools that can assist you with finding high value keywords and easy wins.

We published an extensive guide to effective keyword research. You can find the full guide here

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understanding the ranking factors

Search engines like Google use a plethora of rank factors to determine whether a website is worthy of the sought-after first page rankings.

It’s important to get familiar with them and how they each impact your websites rankings. Too little or too much in any one direction could spell disaster for your SEO campaign…

rank factor #1


Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

Have you ever heard the saying “Content is KING“? That is most certainly the case in regards to your search engine optimization. 

Just how important is content to SEO?

Search engines like Google, Bing and the likes – all prioritize content in each of the respective ranking algorithms. 

This means that the quality of your content (length, subject, readability etc…) should be a top priority if you want to take search engine optimization seriously. 

rank factor #2

user signals

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

User signals can be a tricky beast to battle… but they are important nonetheless. 

When a visitor searches for something and your website pops up in the search results – based on what they do after they click onto your website, search engines take notice. 

If visitors immediately leave your website and bounce back to Google; that’s a user signal. 

Visitors looking at your blog content and reading it to the end? That’s also a user signal (and an aspect of SEO that you should always keep in mind…) 

We wrote an extensive guide to maximizing the actions users take on your website

rank factor #3


Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

This is where we tend to lose people – however, behind all of the fancy terminology, complicated-sounding strategies… Technical SEO boils down to a few key metrics. 

Your website’s security is one of them. (You can see what a secure website looks like by finding the padlock in the address bar.) 

Another is your website’s performance. 

No one wants to browse a slow website. Much less do business with one. So it’s critical that your website is performing its best, at all times.

Want to learn more about technical SEO? Check out this breakdown

rank factor #4

social signals

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

Social signals, much like the aforementioned User Signals – social signals work much the same however with an emphasis on the social aspect. 

When visitors like, share, comment, vote, pin and view your content on social media – search engines are more easily able to associate and rank your business. 

rank factor #5


Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

There are a TON of misconceptions when it comes to backlinks. What are backlinks? What do they do? 

How do you even build backlinks?

To sum it up in a way that is less confusing and simpler to understand… Backlinks are simply other websites that contain a link to yours. 

They can’t be just any websites – nor can they be just any links. Calculating a sound and efficient backlink strategy takes patience. The allure of ‘blackhat’ SEO and the results that it can have should pale in comparison to the penalties that come along with it. 


It’s just not worth the risk to build shady backlinks and unrelated link strategies. 

Your website could be de-ranked, penalized and even blacklisted. 

Learn more about the backlink building process

rank factor #6

user experience

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

Heavily related to User Signals – the user experience is a vastly important SEO ranking factor that (unfortunately) many SEO companies neglect.

What is the point in building a hyper optimized website that ranks first page for everything if no one actually likes using it?

Need quality ppc services?

Cover all your bases and see result-driven ROI on your next Pay-Per-Click campaign when you choose our PPC Services.

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

seo vs ppc

What about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and how does it compare to SEO? This is an incredibly common question in the initial stages of exploring your SEO options…

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

The main thing to consider when comparing SEO vs PPC is the cost and time. Sure, PPC will net you faster results (at a premium). 

However search engine optimization will retain your rankings and build an established, consistent stream of organic traffic to your ranked web pages.

ppc pricing

When considering the difference between PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a big factor is the costs…

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national seo
& local seo

There’s an important discussion to be had when considering the difference between Nation SEO and Local SEO. 

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

Local SEO is similar to your typical SEO efforts. However the main objective is to rank your business better locally

It relies on a wide variety of factors – most commonly the information potential customers can find about your business. Such as your hours, offered products / services, address and contact information. 

It can be a powerful way to expand into your local demographic while driving organic, targeted traffic to your business. 

local seo pricing

We provide our clients with a full service local search engine optimization solution

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google my business

On the topic of Local SEO – you’re bound to come across Google My Business (GMB). This is a free platform that Google launched back in 2014.

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

It’s meant to act as your command center for your business and its location(s). It can be a very powerful tool in your Local SEO tool belt. 

You’re able to really optimize your business profile and make it very easy for visitors to find your website when searching locally. Not to mention securing those super-sweet top spot rankings in the NAP pack. 

Want to get your GMB profile up and running on the best foot? Check out our extensive guide to Google My Business

Build a great reputation online

Building strong relationships takes time and know-how. That’s where our team of outreach experts come in to promote reviews and showcase your business online.

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

web design & seo

When considering SEO you’re not going to get very far without going into website design. A common misconception is that the two are completely independent of one another.

But that could not be further from the truth.

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

A strong SEO strategy encompasses your website’s design. Especially when it comes to the placement of elements and assets throughout your site’s design. 

Being able to leverage SEO from the ground-level of your website and adding to that leverage by further optimizing your site’s content and media is a recipe for success.

There are so many important elements of website design that we wrote an entire deep-dive into website design. Read it here

web design pricing

Building your pixel perfect website is easier than ever when you choose BrandBlast’s premier web design services

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Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

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SEO VS Social Media

A common battle is that of SEO vs Social Media. And it’s often misunderstood to the point of causing vast damage to your business’s digital presence. 

The fact of the matter is… 

You shouldn’t be choosing one over the other. An effective digital strategy encompasses the best of both and implements a strategy that leverages the power of search engines AND social media channels.

Fort Wayne SEO - BrandBlast Fort Wayne SEO Services

There is the argument to be made that social media impacts your search engine optimization. Especially when you consider Google considers social signals as a ranking factor within their search algorithm. 

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