Getting ads approved on Facebook is a nightmare if you do not know how to structure your ads and landing pages the right way. It takes a while for the reviewers to look at your ad and when they do, they disapprove them faster than anywhere.

At least on google’s pay-per-click (PPC), they may let your ad run for a while before dropping your quality score and you kind of know where the problems lie at least. With Facebook, it’s impossible to understand why your ad was rejected.



Mostly, people will give up – it’s a puzzle they don’t have time to learn, especially if they are still fathoming out why their google account got slapped!

But learning how to do Facebook ads can generate a huge majority of your traffic if you do it the right way. So it’s certainly worth persevering. This article explains how you can tap into what Facebook so you can avoid the frustration most people are experiencing and get your Facebook ads approved every time.




As an established internet marketer and doing fairly well on google’s PPC, it was completely frustrating to find myself in the situation of not being able to get a single ad approved on Facebook.

Actually, I tell a lie. I did get one approved early on and it was doing very well for me for a while, I got a lot of leads fairly quickly, but stupidly I deleted it by mistake and have never got an ad approved since – shameful true story!

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I’m pretty stubborn so I learned exactly what Facebook is after so I could get all my landing pages approved and stop wasting time and energy on disapproved ads.

Facebook reviewers are human; it’s not an automated process. And they are trained to be very fussy about two things: your ad content and your landing page. Their main priority is to be fair and honest to its community. Given that Facebook is primarily a social environment not a business tool, this makes sense. Anything that potentially can mislead, cause damage or offend is not tolerated.



There’s a good amount of discretion involved and some reviewers may be more lenient than others. So you will need to test a few things out.

Approval of your ads and specific landing pages may vary even when they are very similar depending on whether your get reviewer X or reviewer Y. It may also vary depending on what country you are targeting, because of the need to use proxys in some cases.

It is possible to leap frog many of the obvious problems with landing pages by using an intermediary page. Your Facebook ad points at this intermediary page and the intermediary page points at the landing page you really want to use.

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Of course your intermediary page needs to be Facebook compliant, or you’ll just have the same problems as you had using a squeeze type landing page. The best solutions is to provide great content.

Examples of effective intermediary pages would be a Question & Answer page or a Facebook squeeze page or fan page offering free content like a free report, ebook or video training series. Giving away free content converts really well and you’ll get a tonne of leads from this.

Now onto targeting for your ads.

Facebook recommends targeting your ads to distinct groups of people rather than large generic groups. Do this for each set of ads you place, and make sure you then create ads and landing pages that are highly personalized to that profile’s interests and needs.

You’ll get a better conversion to leads and sales with a laser targeted campaign than throwing the net wide and this will keep your conversion costs down.

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