How to Get More Customers to Your Restaurant With Local SEO

When it comes to your restaurant – getting more customers is the difference between a year of scraping by and a year of flourishing. Luckily; Local SEO can help you dramatically boost your business by leveraging the power of intent driven, highly relevant and targeted local traffic.

If you haven’t done much to optimize your restaurant’s website for Local SEO – there’s no better time than now!

A recent study conducted by AdWeek shows that over 81% of potential customers do research on search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…) when making purchasing decisions. In addition, local searches on mobile phones are intent-backed. With nearly 50% of mobile business searches result in store visits.



By following basic – yet incredibly powerful Local SEO techniques you too can capture nearby prospects who haven’t heard of you through other forms of marketing you may be executing for your restaurant.

Here are 6 Ways You Can Get More Customers to Your Restaurant Using Local SEO

Before we dive into this it’s incredibly important to understand just how powerful Local SEO can be. To learn more about our incredibly effective Local SEO Services click here.

Let’s dive in and get more customers rushing to your restaurant!

1. Develop a Comprehensive Local SEO Keyword Strategy

The most valuable factor when it comes to local searches are location and place. Your keyword strategy will be detrimental to your restaurant’s success online. If you haven’t already – you’ll need to overhaul your current keyword strategy to reflect this if you’re just getting started with local search engine optimization.

To start; add the name of your city/region where your business operates to your title tag, H1 tag, landing page URL, landing page content and landing page image ALT attribute.



For a more comprehensive keyword strategy to boost your Local SEO follow these simple steps:


  • Perform searches for your valuable keywords + city (Steakhouse New York City)
  • Copy the URLS of the top ranking 5-10 websites in the search results
  • Use a premium tool such as SEMRush to view the organic positions of these top ranking websites
  • Export all the organic keywords to a .CSV file
  • Sort them from volume and you will have a good list to start with



Please Note: If you’re going to start a brand new landing page for your restaurant, try to incorporate a very high value keyword in your website’s domain name. ( – etc…)




2. Getting Visible Citations for Your Restaurant

A mention of your restaurants name, address and phone (NAP) on a website counts as a citation. Whitespark is an incredibly powerful tool to check how many citations your competition has.


you can utilize Whitespark (and other citation tools) to:

  • Locate web destinations where your restaurant has been cited
  • Track the growth of your citations
  • Search for valuable keywords and relevant phrases to your industry to find out potentially beneficial variations to ensure you’re always leveraging citation opportunities.



Keep in mind that Google My Business is the first place you want to place your NAP – it’s a highly credible and often times one of the most utilized platforms when it comes to local search engine optimization.

You can also leverage specific platforms such as:

  • Travel websites
  • Town directories
  • Review sites (Yelp)
  • etc…

If your business doesn’t have a lot of citations – consider reaching out to influencers and community leaders for leverage. It helps to offer a free or discounted rates as well as creating content relevant to your industry.



3. Leverage Your Google My Business Listing

You probably understand just how important your Google My Business listing is – complete your Google My Business profile to the fullest.



Once you’re done – utilize this method:

  • Identify which categories your most relevant competitors are ranking for – choose 2 or 3 of these categories.
  • Upload plenty of very high quality, engaging photos of the restaurant location, your team, your restaurant and customers enjoying your services.
  • Alter the Image URLs to include the most relevant keywords to your restaurant while making their descriptions as relevant as possible.
  • Update your Google My Business listing with consistent, relevant posts.


4. Maximize Local SEO With Local Link Building

Local Link Building is a highly powerful strategy to leverage your business’ physical location. Here are some useful tactics that you can employ to see results:

  • Try and see your local upcoming events (you can also view local events by visiting your town / city’s website)
  • Contact event organizers for sponsorships – often times a sponsored lunch, dinner or even breakfast event will do the trick.
  • If this works; you can get a link from their website (local to your restaurant) and a high authority local link on
  • Also; utilize social media to get in contact with these relevant people and get backlinks on their site(s).



*Consider reaching out to local press for coverage of your restaurant. There are some amazing journalists and enthusiasts who would love nothing more than to cover your restaurant.


5. Getting Local Reviews

Also consider reviews are an incredibly powerful enable for Local SEO Traction.

Here are a few ways that you can make sure you’re getting the most out of local reviews to boost your Local SEO:

  • Get in touch with your current customers and see if they’d like to give you a review on your Google My Business page
  • Make sure you have a page with screenshots to show your non-techy customers how they can quickly leave a review of your restaurant.
  • You should always incentivize reviews from your existing customers – this can be done by presenting them with a discount or limited time coupons.
  • A powerful strategy is to keep a tablet in your store and request ‘obviously or seemingly pleased’ customers to leave a review directly from the device in exchange for a small discount on their bill.


Google My Business takes reviews very seriously – but that’s not the only place to do so – Yelp also boosts businesses and locations with higher, positive reviews.




Make sure you’re doing all you can to get as many reviews as possible. Especially when you know you’ve got a happy customer on your hands.


6. Location Pages & Local SEO for Restaurants

Most marketers already have a decent grasp on this strategy – make sure you utilize this strategy quickly to get the best results.

Location pages are ‘micro-sites’ that contain optimized copy (page contents) for each of your business locations, services etc… all connecting back to the parent (or main) website for your restaurant.

Keep in mind:

  • Make sure the location-based details are captured in the location page’s URL (ex;
  • Make sure you’re NAP (name, address and phone number) is present on ALL of your location pages.


Given the incredible conversion rates, Local SEO is a crucial part of any modern business. Consider Local Search Engine Optimization as a shining opportunity to quickly beat less diligent competition by leveraging a place in the top 3 Google SERP (search engine results page) for your targeted, relevant keywords.





Successful Local SEO results will be one of the most valuable time investments your local restaurant can make.


Should You Hire a Local SEO Expert for Your Restaurant?

This is a question we get asked at least ten times per week in our inbox from restaurant owners all over the world — should you hire a local search engine optimization expert to boost your restaurant? The answer is always the same – depending on when you want results and how difficult you want that path to be.

It takes time, patience and understanding to master the craft of Local SEO – and it changes constantly!

If you don’t have the time to keep up to date with all the latest strategies, configuration and updates happening throughout the hundreds of factors – it can quickly become clear that it may be best to hire a professional. On the other hand; if you’re up for the challenge and want to go out and learn how to do it on your own – it’s absolutely possible. However; it’s not recommended if you want to get higher quality results.



If you want results that are consistent with growth – choose a Local SEO expert. If you are wanting to do it yourself – perhaps to save your budget; by all means do so.

Nevertheless; understanding the importance that a Local SEO Expert has when it comes to boosting your business locally – is an asset in and of itself. They make things simpler to understand and faster to prove results. Thinking about hiring a Local SEO Expert to boost your restaurant or business? See how BrandBlast can help your business boom like never before with our high powered Local SEO Services.



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