Is SEO Alive in 2020? – Everything You Need to Know About SEO in 2020

Is SEO Alive in 2020? – Everything You Need to Know About SEO in 2020

It seems that every day a new strategy or technology arises that claims to be the best for business owners (especially SEO strategies). So it becomes difficult to determine what is really working to grow your business and what is snake oil.

If you’ve been disappointed with countless styles and tools, you might also wonder if traditional marketing methods are old news. It is common for business owners to wonder if strategies like SEO or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are still in place in 2020.

Constant changes in search engine algorithms and technological advancements have made some feel anxious that their time and hard work will be useless. Despite the suspicions, SEO grew and allowed many companies to prosper.

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While SEO is not the same as when it started, it definitely did not die. It is still important to get high rankings on Google and fight for a significant CTR. Read on to discover the technologies that have the highest rank and which side falls on the other side!

The fact is that SEO is still important in 2020, despite the change in many practices and methods.

For example, the 2019 Google BERT update caused a fire under the supervision of SEO professionals to focus more on optimizing content based on search intent rather than keywords. Many companies still need SEO, but will have to adapt to the changing landscape.

Search Engine Journal posted this great article detailing some of the most important SEO Trends in 2020

2 Old School SEO techniques

Backlink Blast

Backlinks were originally the cornerstone of the highest ratings. Search engines attach great importance to backlinks. In the past, creating a super store from backlinks could have increased your site’s speed to one page.

However, Google now closely monitors link schemes such as link hype, flood test, or referral sites. If you simply collect as many links as possible, it is not a fruitful strategy to get good blessings in the search engines.

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SEO - BrandBlast SEO 2020

Links are invaluable to SEO, but 2020 SEO requires building a trustworthy link on trustworthy sites. Your own link building should focus on relevant and relevant locations, which can reduce your backlink efforts and narrowly focus on reputable manufacturers and websites.

The sites you want to get backlinks from must contain large amounts of free traffic and provide value to your visitors.

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Another outdated search engine optimization technology to get rid of is exact-match domain names – domains designed around a profitable keyword and used to get the best rankings.

Exact match ranges no longer reach the top just based on their name. Domains have the same probability of competing for keywords. This is mainly due to the fact that Google’s spam force has discounted low-quality domains with exact match names.

SEO - BrandBlast SEO 2020

For sites with trustworthy content, the exact match domain shouldn’t directly hinder you, but it won’t be worth it for SEO either. SEO friendly domain names are readable and unique to both users and search engines. Adopt simple domain names and watch high-quality content.

Search Engine Watch recently published this fantastic article detailing everything you need to know about exact match domains.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process that organizations go through to help ensure your site is high on the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. For example, suppose you have an article on how to build a birdhouse.

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To show your content to the right people, you should try to improve this blog post so that it appears as a top result for anyone looking for the phrase “build a birdhouse”. There are many benefits to applying SEO to your business. By improving SEO, you can work to broaden your vision on search engines. This helps you reach and attract more leads. By creating more engaging and effective SEO-focused content, you can increase your chances of attracting more targeted organic traffic.

By adjusting your website and content to increase visibility and readability, it helps to make sense of SEO.

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How SEO works?

In simple terms, SEO works by showing search engines that your content is the best result of the topic in question. This is because all search engines have the same goal: to show the best and most relevant results for their users.

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The precise way to do this depends on the search engine you are optimizing. If you want more free traffic to your web pages, you must understand Google’s algorithm and meet your needs.

If you want more video views, this is the YouTube algorithm.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Before we delve into some of the SEO factors on and off the page, let’s talk about content. Content is effective in both attracting search engines and helping your organization contact website visitors.

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SEO can be further emphasized through visual and written content. This is especially useful to small businesses and larger businesses alike. See why more prefer our Content Marketing Services.

On-Page SEO Optimization

SEO factors on a page are those elements that happen on your website. These are the things you have full control over, which means you can work to improve these factors over time by following SEO best practices.

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This goes beyond just marketing your content to the deepest levels of HTML for your site.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

In addition to the on-page SEO elements your organization controls, there are also off-page SEO factors that can affect your ranking. Although you don’t have direct control of these factors off-page, there are ways you can improve your chances of these factors working for you.

Remember that SEO meanings and efficiencies are influenced by many factors, but the most important thing to consider is whether your content is valuable and relevant to the intended audience.

SEO 2020

Keep in mind, though, that SEO takes a while to work its magic. Search engine optimization features will not be tested overnight. In fact, it can take months to enjoy the results of your hard work. However, following search engine best practices can help make sense of SEO.

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Creating high-quality content focused on helping human visitors is the best way to build a sustainable online business that will continue to provide new website visits for years to come.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO helps companies promote their products and services to potential clients and local clients.

To collect information for local search, search engines rely on references such as local content, social profile pages, links and citations to provide the most relevant local results for the user.

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Local search is powerful for small businesses: Four out of five consumers use search to find local information, which means that if your business is not optimized for local search, you could lose 80% of your potential customers. In summary, local SEO is crucial if you want your business to remain relevant.

SEO - BrandBlast SEO 2020

To help you improve your business for local SEO, we have created a comprehensive guide covering local SEO tips and tools.

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3 Local SEO Tips

Create local content.

Google continues to be smarter, which means that creators can now write to users, not search engines. But while writing about general topics will draw a large crowd, it’s sometimes important to focus your attention and write about local or industry news to attract a local audience.

Become the local authority for your industry by promoting local industry groups, news, employees, and other educational content on your blog. Think of the latest content that goes beyond what your business sells. For example, if you are a local security company and are trying to attract new companies in the region, create a useful resource to get to know these businesses well in your city.

SEO - BrandBlast SEO 2020

A map of local service providers or a calendar of events across the city can add value to your personality and contain relevant local posters on the page.

Add Location

If you have more than one physical site, create the pages for your site. The website pages provide readers with their name, address, phone number, store hours, unique store descriptions, parking / public transportation information, promotions, and testimonials from satisfied customers.

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It is also important to avoid duplicating content on multiple pages of the site. For single site businesses, create a locally descriptive page about us.

We have an EXTENSIVE guide to leveraging Google My Business to rank higher locally. We highly recommend checking out this post here.

Optimize URL, title tags, headers, meta description, and content.

When it comes to content, each new blog post is a new indexed page for your site, a new page to target a geographic search term, and a new opportunity to find it on search engine results pages (SERP).

Every time you write content, you need to optimize the content for search engines using large keywords in the URL, title, title, meta description, and text.

SEO - BrandBlast SEO 2020

If you’re having trouble finding geo-targeted content, consider highlighting customer success stories and case studies.

Check out WordStream’s breakdown of how meta tags impact SEO

How to Improve Your SEO, Fast

In today’s digital marketplace, SEO seems to be a topic for all small business owners. This is because most consumers use search engines like Google to find the brands, products and services they need the most.

But how do you increase your SEO results?

There are many different factors involved in your search engine ranking. Improving your ranking is not an easy task. For this reason, we have compiled the definitive guide on how to increase SEO results.

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Use the helpful tips below to start improving your online reach. Here are 3 tips to improve your SEO fast!

Easy to read content

Making sure your content is formatted in an easy to navigate and read format is an important part of keeping your site visitors longer. This affects both SEO and conversion rates.

One of the best ways to format your content to be easy to digest is with headlines and subtitles.

These titles help divide the content into different themes. Make it easy for readers to decide what types of information will be included in each section. This is especially important for long blogs, as readers can easily get lost in the content. Another coordinating tip is to use bullets and numbered lists to discuss more complex issues.

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Raster dots provide readers with a short break from large chunks of text while easily breaking information down into more digestible chunks. Numbered lists can help divide the process or make it easier to understand the list of items.

Bold and italic is also your friend. If you want to emphasize certain elements of the text or make sure there is something for the reader, write a sentence in bold or italicize a word.

Inbound and Outbound Hyperlinks

Another important way to increase your SEO results is linking. Backlink strategies can get a bit tricky.

However, the best way to increase the number of links to your content is to write content worth linking to. The more content you create and share with others, the more likely other websites are related to your content. In addition to restoring external links to your site, you must also internally link the pages of your site.

Whenever you have a chance to link to a related website page or blog post within your content, go to it.

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This will not only help you increase your SEO results, but also allow you to direct your readers to other content that may be useful.

Check your site for duplicate content

Duplicate content issues can negatively impact your SEO efforts. Google wants to reward those sites that contain unique site content.

Then they punish the sites with duplicates. For this reason, it is important to periodically check for duplicate content on your website and correct these issues before you begin to downgrade the SERP.

SEO - BrandBlast SEO 2020

To resolve this issue, you will need to configure the correct forwarding rules in your htaccess. If you don’t know how to do this, ask a webmaster or web design professional. Another common problem when it comes to duplicating website content are parts of your content that are very similar to other website pages.

This can happen for various reasons. The exploiter you hired to write a copy of your site may not be as accurate as it should be when writing unique content. Or maybe you work in an industry where you use a very popular phrase and use similar phrases for other pages on the same topic.

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