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Deep data analysis reporting

Your data tells a story that we need to fully understand. We’ve built a proprietary report that pulls important search engine optimization data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics and SEM Rush to help us formulate the initial framework of your campaign.


Onboarding process

You have valuable knowledge about your business, website and customers that our team needs to understand so that we can better serve your campaign. We have a seamless onboarding process that helps us build a better understanding of your business in a matter of minutes.


Industry Mining

We utilize tools like Ahrefs and Buzzsumo to monitor websites in your vertical so that we can get a clear picture of what’s working within your industry – and what’s not. This helps us form the right channel to attack for your campaign and create a
multi-channel search engine optimization strategy.


Quickest kickoff process

With your data, questions and industry mapped out, we have a final call to review everything before we begin to craft your campaign strategy. This – in addition to everything above is completed within the 1st week of your campaign.

Technical SEO audit

Google wants to rank websites that are built according to their webmaster guidelines. We’ll conduct a full technical audit to find any issues and present them to you in an easy to understand report. Our team of experts will fix any issues for you upon discussion.


Website quality audit

Google creates a ‘quality score’ for websites and relies on this score when deciding which websites to rank. We’ve build a proprietary audit that evaluates the quality of every page on your website and gives specific actions to take to improve it.


Keyword research

Keywords are the foundation of any SEO campaign. They dictate how potential customers will find your website. We find ‘main’ – ‘secondary’ and ‘semantic keywords for every page on your website that we then cross check again with top competitors in your industry.


On-page improvements and optimization

After keyword research has concluded, we build an on-page matrix that details the exact changes to make to key pages on your website. With your approval, our team of SEO trained writers will go in and optimize your content for you.

Technical fine-tuning

Unlike other agencies, we don’t just run audits and give you a list of items and elements to fix… We have the capabilities to execute all the improvements for you. We understand you’re busy, so sit back and let us handle all the hard work.


Keyword gap analysis

The previous keyword research looked into optimizing your current pages – our keyword gap analysis identifies the top websites in your industry and tells us their most valuable keywords. We use this data to reverse engineer new pages on your website to rank it higher.


Content topic generation

Using keyword gap analysis data, we assign ‘intent’ behind each of the keywords. Keywords with ‘top of funnel’ intent are used to build content topics to go live on your blogs. Our team builds a full content matrix to baseline consistent creation over your campaign.


New page creation

The keywords with ‘bottom of funnel’ (ie: purchase) intent are used to build out new landing pages on your website. Our in house team of UX designers will mock up the recommended layouts for additional pages to publish on your website.

Link prospecting

Our in house team analyzes your website and competitors to better understand the types of sites you need placements on. We then build a massive prospecting list of link targets we’ll contact over the life of your campaign. 


Link outreach

Using a number of link outreach tactics, we send hundreds of pitches to relevant sites for inclusion of a link back to yours. We meticulously manage a number of email accounts to make sure pitches are well received. 


Manual content promotions

Websites like Quora and Reddit are a goldmine for traffic. They also provide nice ‘pillowing’ tactics to pad your link profile. We manually find hundreds of threads and write well though out comments that link back to your content.


Influencer campaigns

Influencers are an important promotional tactic for almost any business. Our team finds, pitches and negotiates with relevant influencers to promote your website and increase visibility.

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