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Wireframes + Mockups

Wireframes + Mockups

We dig deep into your audience to understand what makes them convert. Then, we build out grayscale page layouts to demonstrate user flow. Finally, our creatives build out gorgeous UI designs.

Custom Coded

Custom Coded

Once you've signed off on the design, our development team steps into coding the design on a staging server. Custom integrations and automation solutions are prebuilt into your website during this stage.

Test & Deployment

Test & Deployment

Our team performs a series of rigorous quality assurance sessions to ensure there are no bugs and the website functions perfectly. From here, we work with your team to launch your website.

Conversion Focused Website Design Services

Before we start on any web design we sift through your data. As much of it as we can. Your competitors, industry practices, heat maps and more. All in an effort to better understand what coverts visitors to customers.

While we build beautiful websites, we pride our agency on their function. They’re built to make your business more money.

Search Engine Optimized

It’s commonplace for agencies to charge additional hours and scope for search engine optimization for your website. Our extensive research process includes high level tasks such as keyword research and on-page optimization.

Ensuring your website design is search engine optimized from the start.

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Bespoke Web Design, just for you

Each website is built to spec. We don’t believe in using templates. Our intensive research process yields a set of requirements which we turn into a full scale mockup. We don’t use templates within our web design services.

Each and every project is crafted to suite the client.

Unbeatable Quality, Exceptional Turnaround

Your success as our client includes a full time project and account manager who will oversee every task and piece of communication.

Ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and your website is built and delivered on time.

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Boost Your Business With
BrandBlast Web Design

Website Design FAQs

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly (and accessible) content management systems (CMS) on the planet. It’s easy to maintain and makes for a great foundation for your website. 

WordPress is also very secure and flexible so that it can be deployed on a wide variety of hosting providers. With easy integration to your website’s domain, WordPress is by far the best option for your project.

Turnaround time is a fancy way of saying ‘delivery’. On average we can have a website built and ready to for launch within 3 weeks (assuming we gather all necessary information, images and content during the onboarding phase). This time can be lengthened or shortened depending on changes to the project scope, delays in required materials etc… 

For websites that require both search engine optimization (SEO) and content services, the turnaround time is typically 3-6 weeks.

While we encourage all of our clients to attach any images and other media types during the onboarding phase, there are some situations that require specific sized images / image themes that simply aren’t available to the client. In these situations, we are more than happy to provide any and all images via our extensive (3,000,000+) library of media. 

We also have an in-house photography and video studio that can be reserved for any project.

Another big reason we use WordPress to achieve the maximum value for each website is the availability of WordPress plugins. These plugins extend the functionality of a WordPress installation and allow us to get truly unique results. 

We use a mixture of freely available and premium plugins. 

If the project calls for it, we always cover the costs of any premium plugins used to get the desired result. However if we can achieve the desired result with a freely available plugin we will do so. 

Contact forms are a great way to get important information from your website visitors. We gladly provide and integrate streamlined contact forms that can deliver any volume of inquiries to any number of recipients based on your desired configuration. 

Since we’re able to very quickly create a custom mockup for your website project, the design concept that we leverage are always custom layouts. That means that you can rest assured your website is completely unique and custom to your specifications. 

*Any templates utilized during development are templates that we’ve created in-house to streamline productivity and reduce the turnaround time of your project.

We build every single website ready for launch. Meaning, you can begin to integrate search engine optimization directly (or have us do it for you!). 

This is something that you’ll almost ALWAYS pay more for at other agencies.

Our websites are truly responsive. Meaning they always look their best no matter what device you’re browsing from. This is especially important given the fact that over 55% of ALL web traffic is from mobile devices.

Throughout the course of your project, we will reach a series of milestones. Each of these milestones gives us the opportunity to get your direct feedback on the direction of the project. 

This gives you the unique opportunity to directly influence the final result without adding onto the total cost of your project.

What's Included

Complimentary & Included in all of our website design services

We really do build all of our websites completely from scratch.

User experience is a top priority in every website we build.

Make sure your website pages are looking their best.

We make sure your website looks great on every device.

Optimized to boot, enjoy higher search engine rankings.

Leverage every page with optimized titles and description tags.

Website speed is a huge factor in every build.

We make sure every component works every time.

An extensive breakdown detailing how your website is working.

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