Which Web Design Agency is Right for You?

On the topic of which web design agency is right for you – there are a few important things to understand before we dive into this article. Firstly; not all businesses need web design agencies to build their websites. Not all websites can be created with a local developer and lastly; you get what you pay for – typically.

We’ll revisit this later on in this post – but with all of that out of the way let’s dive into finding which web design agency is right for your business.

Identify Your Needs

The number one determining factor to consider when it comes to deciding which web design agency is the right fit for you is identifying exactly what you want to get out of your website. This goes to many corners of your business – with a wide variety of directions. Do you want more visitors from your website? If so; you’ll probably want to make sure there’s some sort of search engine optimization included with your website design.

Do you want to track all of your visitors but don’t need an in-depth look at all the data? Do you need high functioning ecommerce solutions built into your website?

All of these questions evoke all matter of answers. The point that I’m trying to drive home is that the answer is completely up to you. As the business owner it’s your responsibility to make the right call. Not every call is going to be the right one – we’ve all shared in making a wrong decision at the wrong time – or the right decision at the wrong time… there’s no shame in testing things out.


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But when it comes to your website – it’s important to understand that the best path to achieving your objectives is to ensure you have clear, concise goals planned out and in front of you so that when you are deciding on which web design agency is right for you (if any…) – everything is clean and clear to blast off.

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is deciding that they don’t need to hire a web design agency to build out there giant website – when it actuality the friend-of-a-friend website developer that they hired to save money can’t do it – ultimately costing them more money in the long run. This goes both ways – a web design agency will work for nearly every client – within reason.

If you are a small business with a small website – the costs could quickly exceed multiple tens (if not thousands) of dollars. Whereas a local developer – or a lesser known web design agency could get the job done for only a few thousand dollars. The difference is pretty stark.


Identify Your Budget

Do you want a ten, twenty or thirty thousand dollar website? Do you want a bare-bones website for less than a thousand dollars? No matter what you’d like to spend – look at what you can afford to spend. A local developer is much more likely to take on a project for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars while a web design agency may not even want to look at the project without a four or five thousand dollar deposit.

It all depends on what you are wanting to spend.

If you have a few hundred dollars and you want to get a website built – be prepared to get what you pay for. If you have a growing business with a growing profit margin and want to optimize online – a local developer could absolutely provide you with a high performing website design for a few hundred to a few thousand bucks. However; an important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what you pay; you’ll see it in the end product.


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This doesn’t go to say that every local or smaller website design agency / developer are not worth exploring and working with. That’s not it at all – it’s more so to do with the experience level behind the price tag. When you work with a local agency / developer – they may have had one to twenty clients under their belt by the time you launch your project with them. Whereas a larger agency may have over 400 client accounts when you launch with them.

You’re not simply paying a big price to work with a bigger name – you’re getting a bigger pool of experience. There are more developers and more web designers on staff to make sure your website has exactly what you need. A smaller, local developer / agency may not have that ability.

And that’s okay!

In a local setting – there’s no need for a big ticket agency price tag to service local restaurants, small businesses etc… You simply won’t find it. And if you do… run! Expect to get what you put into the project when it all comes down to it. This is almost always the case. (There are scenarios where you pay a crazy amount of money for a perfectly designed website and get back a pile of steaming… it happens. But there’s almost always a solution to ensure things get back on track!)


Identify Your Time-Frame

When it comes to your website project and finding the right web design agency to accomplish your goals the time frame is always of great importance. How long do you want your website to take before you and your customers can use it?

Keep in mind; when you identified your goals and objectives – you also identified your time frame.

Have a lot of goals and objectives? Expect a longer deliver time. If you keep things lean and mean (small website, highly optimized) expect a much sooner delivery. Everything depends on how quickly the team you’ve hired can complete the work involved. If you need a ton of features and want a lot of optimization – it’s going to take them longer to complete it. No web design agency or local developer is perfect. Human error and circumstance plays a large role in how things play out from project to project.

Keep in mind these two factors:

  • The more stuff you need to see on the finished website = the higher the costs is going to be
  • The more stuff you need to see on the finished website = the longer it’s going to take to complete + deliver

If you keep these two factors you’re golden. It’s all about delegation. There’s some things you may be able to do rather than the website developer once the site is completed. Such as writing content or adding images. This will all reflect the time frame required to complete your website. However; it’s very important to keep in mind that – when you have an expert at your side – working on your website… USE THEM!



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Ask questions – get answers and get to know what it’s like working with them. There’s always a lesson to be learned. For example; when you work with a small, local developer you’re going to be getting introduced to the language that web design agencies speak. The standard terms and the pace of things. This way; by the time you’re looking to update again (-which you will / should.) you’ll be better prepared to work with a larger web design agency if you want higher quality end results.


Which Web Design Agency is Right for You?

There are tons of web design agencies around the world. A quick Google search for “web design agency near me” will give you tons of results. From local developers to big-ticket agencies. Explore them all and find the one that best fits your needs.

To review what we’ve covered – and the important factors to consider when choosing which web design agency is right for you:

  • Identify your needs – clearly organize the goals you have for your website
  • Identify your budget – be prepared to get what you pay for in your final delivered website
  • Identify your time frame – remember; the more you add the longer it takes. The longer it takes the more it costs!

Having covered these – you should be a lot better off in terms of finding which web design agency is right for you – we hope that these tips helped to make your decision easier and better fitting to your unique goals and objectives. If you’re interested in working with a web design agency that’s tailored to your business – schedule a free consultation with BrandBlast and learn more about our powerful website design services.