10 High Powered Website Design Hacks

Ever wanted to leverage the power of effective website design? When it comes down to the wire – there are actionable tactics that you can utilize to get a better experience out of your website design. Ready to get started? Let’s dive into these 10 high powered website design hacks.


Website Design Hack #1 – Leveraging Negative Space

In website design, negative space is the space in between the elements of your website design – namely; each page. If you think about a website page design as a combination of ‘elements’ or blocks that make up each page; this is a very powerful concept.

When designing a website – most website designers will try their best to fill up as much space as possible. Often times cramming as much content as possible in very little space. Resulting in your website becoming cluttered and very slow. When you utilize negative space however; your website design can really shine.


Website Design Negative Space


As a passionate business owner – your website is your lifeline in many cases. From ranking on Google to captivating visitors with an incredible website design. Don’t let a cluttered website design stand in the way of giving your users the best experience possible.


Website Design Hack #2 – Crushing It With the Right Color Combination

Often color is an after-thought to most website designers. A common mistake by the majority of designers. Unfortunately; using the wrong color combination with your website design can cause astronomical consequences both in terms of users visiting your website but overall brand image.

What would you say if I told you that over 85% of consumers cites color as being a determining factor when it comes to purchasing from a website?

Sounds pretty crazy – even our team of website designers once thought color was completely up to the business owner. Little did we know (until the data began to suggest it…) the color combination you choose for your website dramatically affects the overall website design.


Website Design Color Combination


To increase your website’s conversions – choose at least four colors. One color scheme is solely used for your background – another color for your text – an additional color for links on your website and most importantly… a highly engaging color for your calls to action. Using one or two colors limit your ability to highlight the important elements of your website. From calls to actions to useful links to important information… make sure you’re utilizing the optimal color combination for your website design.


Website Design Hack #3 – Optimizing Your Website Navigation

Every website designer has faced the struggle of linking every important page of your website in the navigation menu. Is this good for your website?

Will adding links to every page on your website within your navigation bar get more clicks to those pages? Yes, it absolutely will.

However… having too many choices within your website navigation also clutters and distracts your visitors from reaching the page they’re looking for – that can help create a value association. Reducing the chances that your website visitors will click on the important links within your website design. Meaning; less conversions.

Less conversions = unhappy business owner

According to recent studies – having few options within your navigation menu actually makes it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for when visiting your website. But it doesn’t stop there – the placement of your navigation menu is also important if you hope to convert your website visitors.


Website Design Navigation Menu


Navigation menus located at the top (or the header) of your website actually converts more than those placed on the sidebar and footer areas.

Why? They’re easier to find. Easier to find = easier to use. Easier to use = increased conversion rates.


Website Design Hack #4 – Don’t Use Free Templates (…or standard ones!)

There are very few content management systems (CMS) that don’t come free with themes and templates. Namely those that entrepreneurs and business owners tend to use when designing their website. Making it an easy choice in terms of cost-cutting from a business owner’s perspective.

This couldn’t be further from the truth once you dig into the numbers.

We’re not saying that all free themes / templates are bad – there are hundreds of thousands of amazingly designed, expertly crafted themes / templates developed completely free. The drawback? They’re not designed for your business. They’re also over used and definitely aren’t updated nearly as much as premium themes and templates. A free template makes your website look and feel ‘cheap’. That doesn’t mean this is necessarily the case – no faulting the business owner wanting to make sure they’re watching the budget – however they reduce the ability to customize and tailor the website design to fit the unique needs and objectives of your business.


Website Design Free Templates


When you opt for a custom website design – you’re unlocking a plethora of potential features and functionality. This ultimately creates a far better experience for your website’s visitors and also casts your business in a better, more professional light. To get a custom website design, you’ll need to learn about website development and website design – don’t have the time? No problem! It’s incredibly simple to find a professional website developer.

Here at BrandBlast, our team of website developers and seasoned website designers can create the website your business (and its customers) deserve. Making it easier than ever to not only get your dream website – but to also get a completely tailored package that fits your business needs and objectives like no free template ever could. Schedule a free consultation with a BrandBlast website specialist today and see how we can help launch your dream website, fast!

As a business owner – it’s your responsibility to increase your website’s conversion and to create a better experience for your website visitors. A professionally crafted website design is the perfect way to unleash your website’s potential.


Website Design Hack #5 – Use High Quality Images & Visuals

We are visual creatures – we absolutely adore visual content. According to recent studies, the human brain retains more information when it’s presented in a visual format (such as images and videos) compared to when it’s presented in a textual format (such as an article or blog post).

While visual goodies are important – the quality of said visual awesomeness is more important. Quality over quantity. A common misconception when it comes to website design is the use of images – most website designers will plug in as many pieces of visual content as possible. Hence why you’ll see websites with tons of low quality, typically unformatted images sprawled across a less-than-desirable website design.


Website Design High Quality Visual Elements


They’re not alone – millions of websites across the internet still aren’t on par with this growing statistic. When it comes to quality – keep in mind that your visitors will always pay more attention to images and videos that directly relate to the content they’re viewing rather than a simple stock photo. In terms of website design, always ensure that you’re using highly relevant images and videos to get the most out of your website visitors.


Website Design Hack #6 – Use a Responsive Website Design

*Another shocking statistic* is that around 56% of traffic generated on the internet is directly from mobile devices. What does that mean for your website design? In short, it must be optimized. More so; it MUST BE OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE DEVICES. Far too often a non-responsive website design is to blame for a website’s failure.

Client after client come to us for website design services with the complain that they can’t figure out how to get a responsive website design OR that the previous website developers they worked with wouldn’t (or couldn’t) make their website design responsive. This shift in traffic from desktop browsing to mobile browsing is causing quite the stir for many websites. The reason behind this is that most websites aren’t utilizing or haven’t fully incorporated a responsive website design.

In these cases – you’ll notice that a website loads perfectly on a desktop computer – however… when you go to access that very same website from a cell phone browser or tablet; you’re met with a clunky, very odd-looking website design that doesn’t match the device you’re utilizing.

Website Design Mobile Responsive Website Design


When a website doesn’t integrate a responsive design – most visitors will not stick around and wait until they do incorporate a responsive website design. They’ll leave and go to another website. Which causes plummeting losses for your website’s conversions and your business’s revenue.

This doesn’t mean:

  • Creating a version of your website for every possible screen / device size
  • Creating a variation of every page from your website for every device
  • Over-developing your website design in a way that negatively impacts your visitors’ experience

To prevent this; it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional website developer to craft a mobile responsive website design that beautifully compliments your website design. Creating a seamless experience for the user no matter what device they’re browsing from.


Website Design Hack #7 – Implementing Captivating Calls to Action (CTAs)

Calls to action are one of the most important and essential elements of any successful website. They help direct your visitors down the path of becoming a customer / client. Don’t take our word for it; see what expert studies have to say about CTAs:

While CTAs are important in their own rights – the way that you present them to your website visitors is equally important and is a determining factor when it comes to conversions. For example; using buttons with your CTAs instead of text only CTAs can increase your click-through-rate by 45%! (That’s amazing!)


Website Designs Calls to Action


However; animated CTAs work even better. With movement generated from your CTAs; you have a far higher likelihood of your visitors click them. And according to a recent study performed by UserTesting; a few subtle movements every few seconds or so gets your visitors’ attention without being too pushy or annoying.


Website Design Hack #8 – Optimize Your Website’s Homepage

While it may seem like a no-brainer for some; more and more business owners aren’t leveraging their homepages in a way that attracts visitors and creates conversions. More often than not; the website design isn’t built around a congruent theme. Rather; the homepage looks different than the other pages – causing confusion and distrust for users.

The homepage is often times the very first impression your visitors get of your website. If you fail to capture their attention and drive them towards a value proposition – you run the risk of missing out big time…


Website Design Homepage Optimization


Make sure your website’s homepage is optimized and geared towards attracting people to continue scrolling until they land upon one of the CTAs (calls to action) that you’ve placed within the design of your homepage. Especially if you’re trying to generate leads via email optin forms. Even more so if you’re in the ecommerce space where you rely heavily on a user opting to purchase a product from your website.

A bad homepage can leave a sour taste in the mouth of every visitor who stumbles upon your website. It’s always in your best interest to optimize ‘the heck out of’ your website’s homepage or risk missing out on those visitors who come to your website.


Website Design Hack #9 – Leverage the Power of a Blog

While it’s not completely related to designing your website – your blog is directly related to how your visitors ingest content from your website. If you have a great blog that’s formatted to look great – you WILL generate traffic. Traffic that is much more likely to convert into a paying customer / subscriber.

Many times the blog falls to the back burner when it comes to website design. This is a very consequential fact that kills a lot more websites than you can imagine.

Picture this – you have the best blog post about underwater basket weaving (because it’s completely awesome and very real) but you have that blog post on your website in a way that doesn’t look inviting – attractive or otherwise engaging. Do you really think readers are going to stick around for very long? Much less long enough to read through the entire post? If they don’t – you’re getting into dangerous territory in terms of your standing with Google (as they HATE high bounce-rates).


Website Design Blog


Or; the alternative is that you still have your amazingly insightful blog post but it’s displayed in a way that compliments the content. Draws attention to where attention needs to be – and leads your visitors on a path towards converting.

Which of these two sound better? 

My guess is the latter – content may be king but context is queen. If you’re able to deliver high quality content in a way that’s engaging and inviting to readers – you’re going to generate a ton more traffic, conversions and brand awareness (all three of which are incredibly beneficial!)


Website Design Hack #10 – Keep SEO Close in Mind

More often than you’d think – website design doesn’t take into consideration how it impacts the search engine optimization of the website. Due to lack of preparations, oversight or sometimes downright forgetfulness; keeping SEO in mind when it comes to your website design can be the difference between success and failure – in a significant way.

This means optimizing your website design to ensure you’re keeping close tabs on how it will affect your search engine optimization.


Website Design SEO


Ensuring that elements are where they need to be – configured how they need to be configured and most importantly; helping your website be seen by search engines and directories. Sometimes leaving out a feature or section from your website can positively impact your website’s search engine rankings – while other times not adding a specific element into your website’s design can negatively impact your search engine rankings and pull traffic away.

It’s highly important that you always keep in mind the search engine optimization of your website when you’re executing your website design project.


What’s Next for Your Website Design?

Want to optimize your website design but don’t have time to learn how to code? With BrandBlast, it’s easier than ever to launch the website your business (and its customers) deserve! Our team of expert website developers and website designers are here to make your next project a HUGE SUCCESS. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with unrivaled value through professional website design services.

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