Why Your Business Needs a Website

Why Your Business Needs a Website

NOTE: We’re not going to be discussing the obvious elephant in the room… by going into how the COVID-19 pandemic affects your business. We covered that here.

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Why Your Business NEEDS a Website

While there are many reasons your business should have a website – there are only a few reasons why your business needs a website. In this addition to our weekly blog; we’ll be diving into these reasons so you can rest assured your business is performing its best on and offline.

In this discussion; we’ll be going over some of the more pressing issues that are cause for your business to start looking into getting a website IF you don’t already have one.

If your business already has a website – there’s always room for improvement. Which is what our team of website developers have done for hundreds of clients.

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Credibility & Professionalism

There’s nothing worse than hearing about a business, product or service and going to Google to learn more only to find that there is no website for you to learn more…

Not only does it drive away potential customers but it is a big red flag in today’s age of social proof and credibility.

Having a sufficient website doesn’t always mean a flashy one… That’s why it’s important to focus on what matters to your customers. Such as:

  • Who your company is
  • What your company does
  • What makes your company special
  • and Your products / services

Without these fundamental points; your potential customers are going right into the hands of your competitors. Where they’re received with open arms.

why your business needs a website

On your website’s homepage you need to ensure that your visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for. (Keep in mind the rule of 3 clicks)

TL:DR – 3 Click Rule

A common website design practice that dictates everything that your visitors need to know about your business, products and services can be found in around three clicks.

The trick is knowing what they need to know…

Boost Your Business

Another big reason that your business needs a website is giving your visitors the opportunity to become customers.

Similar to finding an interesting product or service and going online to search for it – the ability to actually purchase said product or service is a huge factor to creating a level of trust and value-association with your visitors.

why your business needs a website

This could come in the form of a standard ecommerce system built into your website or giving your visitors the ability to set up a purchase through an online payment or appointment setting system.

It’s a great way to add an extra level of professionalism to your business online.

Showcase Your Uniqueness

No one likes blending in with the crowd… So shine a little! Show your visitors why your business is the best business by showcasing your products and services front and center on your website.

From a photographer’s portfolio to a contractor’s catalog – showcasing your work is the perfect way to show your website visitors that you mean business.

why your business needs a website

NOTE: It’s especially useful to have your showcase section as its very own page.

This way you can not only dedicate a portion of your website to your amazing work but you can also leverage the SEO benefits of having a consolidated space for your products and services.

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Among the many reasons why your business needs a website – few are as critical as your website’s ability to rank on the search engines. That’s why we’ve created the aforementioned guide to ranking your business using high-value keywords.

Ranking on the Search Engines

Unlike the Facebooks and Twitters of the internet – a website puts you in the driver’s seat of what performs well for your business.

Without suffering the damaging affects of not reaching your visitors (especially since it happened on Facebook already) a website is the perfect place to hone in and take control of how the internet sees your business.

why your business needs a website

Search engine optimization can be a tricky thing to master – arguably no one fully understands the whole picture… However with the right strategy, your business can benefit immensely from ranking higher on the search engines.

NOTE: It’s important to understand that search engine optimization (SEO) does not happen overnight. You are not likely to see any considerable results for weeks if not months.

This can be expedited with the right strategy and by having an expert handle your website’s SEO.

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Freebies for Your Business

While you may be well on your way to optimizing your business’s digital persona – we’ve compiled a list of great resources to help you along the way.

Check out the entire list below:

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