How to Make The Most Out of Working From Home

How to Make The Most Out of Working From Home

Working from home can be a troublesome feat or it can be a much needed break from the office. However you look at it, working from home has its pros and its cons.

Much of the world’s response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic is to order most businesses to conduct business with as few employees on-site as possible.

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Here at BrandBlast; much of our team can already perform their duties from nearly anywhere. This wasn’t by accident.

A few years ago – the thought of having an entire company working from their separate homes was no easy feat. But we took it as a challenge to ensure that our team can enjoy unparalleled accessibility and so that our clients can rest assured their projects are getting the unrivaled quality experience they’re used to.

We know that this task isn’t easy because we took it on ourselves – and came out the other side with some incredibly useful tips to make working from home a breeze.

Dress for Success

There’s beauty in simplicity and few rival the impact that dressing for success can have on your productivity. It may seem like a simple, mundane thing to say – but dressing for the job (even when you’re doing it from home) can have a powerful impact on your overall success.

Getting dressed for work puts you into a different mindset and level of focus that lounging around in your pajamas simply can’t.

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You may not need to go all out and dress in your finest suit or prettiest dress – but throwing on a nice comfortable pair of jeans and a public-worthy shirt can have immense benefits.

Set Clear Working Hours

The thought of working whenever you want may sound like an awesome idea. In practice, it can reek havoc on your productivity.

You absolutely NEED to be clear on when you’re working and when you’re not. This is especially the case if you work in a collaborative capacity. Under no circumstances should your schedule be at odds with those working with you.

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No on likes waiting hours for something that could’ve been done in 20 minutes.

This is often the case when it comes to mixing up your working schedule. It’s vital that you take the time to appropriately plan out your working hours. When you need to take breaks – how long those breaks need to be to still achieve your objectives, etc…

Have a Designated Workspace

Like your work schedule – your workspace is crucial to getting the job done. And no one likes a messy workspace.

The goal of this area is to remind yourself that there is work that needs to be done. There is a reason that you’re in there and the reason is to get things done. Entering your workspace should evoke a urgency to get to work.

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Try to make your space comfortable enough that you’re not in agony while you go about your day – but not so comfortable that you’ll want to turn-off before you even get started.

Stay In Good Spirits

We all know that working from home when you’re used to working at a physical location isn’t ideal. That doesn’t mean that you have to let it get the best of you!

Staying in a positive, productive mindset makes all the difference when it comes to your overall productivity.

This can come through many means – from mediating, listening to podcasts and even playing ‘workplace background noise’ tracks from YouTube. I know it sounds a little crazy – but you’d be surprised at what a positive mindset can do for your work-from-home situation.

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All in all – working from home might not be ideal – but it’s certainly possible to work from home while maintaining a high level of productivity. Productivity that rivals your typical workspace.

It can be a nice change in pace for many and a nightmare for others… But it doesn’t have to hinder your experience or productivity.

What are your favorite work-from-home tips that help you stay productive and motivated? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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